Is this wry neck? Splay leg? Or something else?

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    Sep 23, 2016
    My family welcomed in a batch of wonderful little chicks to our flock recently, however 3 are not doing so well, and one seems critical. We are trying to find out if what we think they have is what it is, or if they have something else. More importantly if the worst off has something else. We suspect 1 with wry neck, 1 with splayed legs, and 1 with possibly both.

    Some Info::
    -About 2 weeks, I think a few days older.
    -Light Brahma pullets
    -Started on/eating medicated chick starter
    -Don't know weight of healthy or sick, but sick ones are thinner
    -Sick were housed in homemade brooder inside house with what I believe is pine bedding, this is where the healthy ones remain currently.
    -Now sick are in small dog crate with small towels for each one and cabinet mat to keep them from sliding when they try to walk
    -They were mail ordered from a hatchery
    -2 have been sick about a week, the last has been for 4 days

    Peony, critical chick:
    One of the first 2 chicks to get sick. Extremely lethargic, wont do anything but lay how and where we set her and either cry or sleep. Often lays on side. Before becoming completely lethargic, had an hard time with balance and holding neck right. We force feed and water her with a dropper, but sometimes shows a want for food when she sees the others eat. Sometimes tries to eat or drink on her own, but not very successful. Has dark coloring around her eyes, and it has gotten darker than the others.

    The other of the first 2 chicks to get sick. This is the one we think may have both wry neck and splay leg. Tries to move about sometimes. Legs spread out when trying to walk, so very wobbly. Kinda lethargic, sometimes very lively when handled or when fed. Eats on own, has healthy appetite, needs help with water sometimes. Fed food as watered down mush. Had trouble with neck the first few days but can move it correctly now. Can sit/lay with legs under her but will lay on her side sometimes.

    One we think just has splay leg. Lively, just a little lethargic. Legs splay out badly, but can walk and stand better and more often than the others. Eating solid feed on own. Has healthy appetite and drinking well.

    All three have dark coloring around eyes, but healthy ones do not. We tied sticky gauze wraps around legs to keep them under their bodies with a little length to walk. Fed chick starter with added vitamin E added from capsuls, With Peony and Queen having it watered down with water mix. Water mix is water, save-a-chick probiotic and electrolyte, poultry nutrient substitute, and oxytetracycline.

    If anyone can help me with advice, especially with Peony, it is very much appreaciated. I am very worried about them.
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    Sep 23, 2016
    Spraddle Leg, not Splay leg. I call it that for some reason

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