Is Wing Sexing Accurate?

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    Sep 4, 2014
    I hope this is the correct place!!! I want to comment on the quality of the 19 chicks I just received. I am still owed 10 more as fertility drops in the heat. I ordered from Sandhill Poultry... I have wanted Basque Hens and Creme Brabanters for a very long time. The chicks are gorgeous! The ordering process was great! I am very pleased! I believe I got a lot of males BUT of course they are sold straight run, so no fault of the hatchery. I would like to ask, is wing sexing accurate? Also, has anyone kept a lot of males together in a bachelor type setting? My chickens are not eaten and I just want to know if anyone has had success with keeping gentle breeds ( of course no hens close by) Thank you!
  2. wing sexing is only accurate in some breeds. i'm not sure which breeds it's accurate in
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    about 50/50 accurate?

    I have kept a bachelor pad, but only till my roosters were of the size to harvest. A great number of roosters will take a fair size set up. Roosters are rather a crap shoot, some will live with each other, some will fro a while, and some will fight until the death. Some will attack other chickens and some will attack people, even if when young they were a darling. This forum is filled with stories on how the darling became the nightmare in an instant. Because of that, there is really no way to say, if you do this you can keep your roosters as pets forever.

    If you do a bachelor pad, you need to also set up some type of cage, or separate place that you can immediately separate birds. Once they start to fight, you won't have time to set it up. Cock fighting is a real problem, and can be very bloody and ugly.

    One cannot wish chickens nice.

    Mrs K
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    Feather sexing works great IF the breed/ family line is genetically programmed for this trait. Some are, many aren't. You could as Sandhill about the birds you have from them, or wait and see how yours develop. Mary
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    Thank you SOO much!!

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