Is your Chicken limping- loosing weight, having clear nasel discharge.

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    or swollen sinuses.........Many of these signs point to Mycoplasma gallisepticum or Mycoplasma synoviae. Please do a search of these viruses. It is very important to understand what your chicken has and to keep it from spreading to others. These viruses often do not appear until the bird is stressed in some way. Many peoples chickens have it and do not know it. You have to have blood tested to know for sure, but it seems to be getting more common. Most publishing's I've read in this country state the birds will always be carriers and to cull sick birds, but do the research. Other countries have been treating this virus with good success. Do the research, you can find it very helpful in deciding what to do and how to treat your birds.
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    Great information! Thanks for sharing.

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