ISA brown hen - droopy wing, crusty beak, lethargic


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Hey there fellow chicken folks!

I have had a few sick and dead chickens over the summer with similar symptoms.

For a long time we were thinking mareks due to eye issues, the dragging wings etc
But now I've changed my mind, the hen does keep her eyes closed mostly but they are completely clear and not infected or grey.

So thelse chickens are always very lethargic, staying inside or on warmer weather sunning themselves outside, usually one or two wings droops (which made me think they were paralyzed). Some have had eye infections along with this, some not but they generally have their eyes shut, haven't noticed any poo issues other than the occasional watery poo.
This hen also has a pale comb which has a few dark spots on the back two tips and she has a crusty beak.. I haven't noticed those last symptoms on any other birds That passed.

I also had a bronze turkey die a month or two ago, a young tom (4-5 months) with same symptoms, I went out to close the coop one night and my one tom was in the coop which is very unusual as the turkeys roost on top of a play house (we just built a barn at our new house so they're going in there starting in 2 weeks when we move). He seemed fine, just in the coop, he looked up at me I pet him for a bit and he chirped, I thought he was just cold. When I came out to open the coop in the morning he was barely alive could not lift his neck (as if paralyzed). Than he died right there within a minute or two of finding him. It was very sad as he was such a friendly tom, he would lay down for me to scratch him and allowed me to pet his head even.

When symptoms are caught in time, I've given anti biotics and they've helped in some cases (as far as I know, meaning the animal survived but could be unreleated).

If anyone has any knowledge of what this could be let us know!!!

We lost our dear lavender orphington hen, grapejuice, to these symptoms. She was the most amazing chicken I've ever known. She loved to roll on her back in your lap for tummy rubs.

Thank you for reading!!!

PS - I have pics of the current sick hen but I am unsure how, if possible, to upload them from android phone.
Tonight I will be at my in-laws(future) and could upload from their computer!

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