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    Dec 16, 2008
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    My ISA's were hatched around March 30. The first one layed an egg on July 27, about 17-1/2 weeks old. They are now 23 weeks old. I have about 65-75% laying, but now every day. Yesterday I got 17, today I got 9...from 23 girls. And they are not laying the large eggs I expected. My RIR's generally ramp up to a x-large to jumbo size by about 3 weeks after they start laying. The ISA's are still hovering around the medium to large size, and they don't lay every day.

    I'm feeding Layena, they are in a large run and very generous coop. They get some kitchen scraps, but I don't overdo it, they don't even get scraps every day...just when I have some leftovers in the kitchen. So their protein and balanced diet is not being tampered with. They have fresh water both from nipple waterers as well as bowls when the weather is hot.

    Mostly I'm asking because I've looked at the Hendrix Genetics website and at 23 weeks they state 91% laying and egg weight at about 56 grams. I realize that I am not using commercial methods to raise the birds, but I was expecting a bit larger egg and a bit more regularity by now.

    I'm also worried that the days are now getting shorter and the girls will slow down as a natural course of events. In the past I have not added extra light or heat to the coop (mostly dual purpose breeds). I'd like to hear from others with ISA's.

    Am I doing something wrong?
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    I have 12 ISA Brown hens from TSC which are the same age as yours. I get 10-12 eggs daily, most are medium-large size, but not jumbo unless it's a double yolked egg. I think there's 2 or 3 hens which may be a week younger than the others and are still laying odd eggs. I was also expecting a larger sized egg, but perhaps that's yet to come.
    Anyone else know?

    I'm also feeding Layena with some kitchen scraps, but my girls are pastured in my 1/3 acre wooded backyard so they get a lot of greenstuff and bugs. I supplement with oyster shell and also give them back the crushed dried eggshells.

    I'm planning on hanging a lightbulb on a timer in their coop so they continue to get 14 hours light/day and keep on laying throughout the winter.
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    i have 20 isa browns , 8 are laying everyday. they were born may 1 and they started laying 2 weeks ago. iam getting large and medium sized eggs, iam giving them tomatos,summer squash, and chickweeds, along with layer pellets from armada grain here in michigan. i also have 2 60 watt bulbs on a timer to come on at 5 am and off at 7 am. set up in coop.
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    May 23, 2010
    I have 9,,,about the same so far. medium to large eggs. Their 20 weeks old and some have been laying for over a month,all are laying now.
    They started out with random sized eggs,some small and some very big. Seems they are starting to become more consistent in size now. May even be getting bigger on average but still about large at best. Getting 6 to 8 per day. Im not complaining thou;)

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