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I saw an ad for 3 month old RIR/IB mixs. Now I know that both are great egg layers, so a mix should be great right? I am really interested in these girls but wanted input first. I am looking for a large quantity in egg production.

Also would you keep 3 month olds separate from the rest of the flock? I have 10 girls already.
Great egg layers? Possibly. But, with an extended hybridization as you have there, it is a crap shoot.

The ISA's are hybrids themselves and while the RIR's are an established breed, they too are a genetic stewpot. Mixing these will give you "unpredictable" results.

Now having said that, it also stands to reason that they should lay an average number of eggs - that being 180 eggs/year. That is the normal nowadays, with decades of trait breeding in the mix. And that aint bad. SO I would suggest you can expect adequate egg quantities.

On the other hand, there is no way to really quantify their numbers going in to the deal. If you are to truly know their ability, you will have to collect and count over a season. If you breed them out and cull/select for egg production, within a few years, you can probably improve and reach the Golden Level of 200 eggs/year. At the outset, you have hope - that's about it. If the price is right, then that is enough in this case.

AS for their age, they are on the cusp: not really too young, not quite old. I'd integrate them straight off.
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They will probably not lay as well as actual ISA Browns would. Beyond that it depends partly on chance (as david says) and partly on how good a laying line the RIR part of their parentage was from.

They should be "reasonable" layers, but if you want super high performance you are probalby better with a good line of sexlinks IMO.

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