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    Apr 24, 2016
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    Question folks . With ISA Browns not being a pure breed of chicken (hybrid) . Everyone selling Isa Browns all these chooks look the same. How is this possible to achieve. Is there a certain rooster they're are using to enable them to get the Isa Browns colourings? As all advertised chickens have that colouring.

    Help appreciated

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    Yes certain parent birds are used to create them. By using certain parent birds the resulting chicks can be sexed as soon as they hatch. ISA Browns are just one of the many names used for these hybrids. I hatched some sex linked chicks this year for the first time and the males hatched yellow and the females hatched with a brown tinge to them. Some have different features to sex them like males hatching with a black dot on their heads. I'm not that up on the sex linked and hybrid breeding but please do check out this thread that should offer you more information ~
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