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    So I think I've finally started to understand what the various sex links are and how certain breed combos produce different ones but I'm still confused on what an ISA brown is. Wondering because I was thinking of possibly adding more chicks and was gonna add sex links to my order if I did but then I remembered that TSC carries ISA Browns so I can just order what I really want and pick up a few there. But my question is what exactly IS an ISA brown? It says they're pullets so I'm assuming they must be a sex link? Is it a specific variety or are they all just red sex links?

    And what are the difference between them and these..

    (Ideal's site doesn't provide specific links so just hit brown egg layers and look at the sex links)

    or I guess I can just say it. They carry black, gold, brown, and red sex links and it lists very specific breed combos for all.

    I don't know, I know a lot about some aspects of chickens but sex links are still the one thing that always throws me off, I guess just cause there's soooo many different names.

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