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    Hi everyone!
    Got a question about x-ing some really nice looking Isa B hens with my gorgeous RIR rooster. I was told yesterday (By someone that reckon he knows EVERYTHING about chooks and x-ing and eggs and have been working with chocks for ages and.... [​IMG] ) that by breeding these it will add more RIR to the chicks and the offspring will go clucky all the time so I would have to breed the offspring with each other for 3 or 4 generations to get a pure Isa Brown "laying machine". As far as I know, RIR are already good layers that do NOT tend to go broody...right? I also know that Isa Browns are not really a true breed even though they starting to be accepted as a true breed but they are usually bred from RIR X RIW. Also, I beleive ISAB are sexlinks... how will I be able to tell the difference? I have heard that the male chickens are generally lighter in the colour than the females? Can someone pleasse confirm what is likely to be right or wrong and help me out. I set my home made incubator with the first 10 eggs yesterday so I'm excited like a kid on x-mas. (temp= 37.5 - 38 C Humidity 59-65% so far). [​IMG]
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    Isa browns are sex links. Because they are a combination (hybrid)of 2 breeds, they will not breed true. Your chicks will not be Isa browns, or RIR and they will not be sex linked.
    They should be good layers, though. Both IBs and RIRs are good layers and not particularly broody.
    As long as you don't care about having a specific breed of chicken, it sounds like you'll have some decent layers hatching.

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