Isaac, My Young Delaware Rooster (New Pics Post #18)


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He's turning 16 weeks old this week and he is just blossoming! He has the deep-bodied build and comb I wanted for this group and his juvenile markings are evolving nicely; so far, has a nice personality.


A couple of Ike's girls, Phoebe and Maxie:

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Wipes drool from chin………….ohhh he is handsome. My 2 Del girls would love him when they get a tad older.

Do you…have you…would you…could you…ship Del chicks? Possibly? Ever? (trying not to beg....ok...trying not to beg too badly)
Thanks for the compliment on this guy. He's a sweetheart so far. He was definitely the best of the bunch, which included 9 Del cockerels.
Unfortunately, I never ship live birds, Horsefeatherz. Just can't put them in a box and hand them to the P.O. after all the horror stories I've read, even if it was legal for me to do so! (dont have NPIP or vet's certificate or permits)
Thank you for your reply (both of them - self blue cochin beauty).

Do you sell and ship eggs? I do not have an incubator now, but hope to have some broodies next year. I would love to be able to contact you via the board when the time is right.
Tim, this was actually #1. #2 began being a bit of a jerk, showing some aggressive tendencies, and #3 was learning from him. #2, who I know you remember was the largest boy, had the worst comb and color of the three boys, as well, though none of them were actually bad. So, it became clear to me that for now, this boy was my best option. He did turn out about the same size as #2, though it took him a bit longer to get there.

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