Isbar, Tolbunt Polish, Cream Legbar hatching eggs ready to ship 10/8!

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    NO PM's please- email if you want any of these.

    I am now offering them up for shipping on 10/8 at a discount. Shipping is $18- double box, each egg bubble wrapped packed in peanuts. Can fit 24 eggs in a box. I am TX PT tested Neg. under NPIP. www,

    12+ Isbar eggs $60
    My stock is about 2 years old, from Greenfire Farms- are unrelated. I have a blue roo over 2 blue hens, a splash hen and a black hen. We have excellent fertility and the last hatch was 80%. I will give the buyer some tips to successfully hatch these difficult eggs.

    SOLD 18+ Tolbunt Polish $75 SOLD
    Stock from Greenfire Farms, 1 1/2 years old. 2 Smooth Tolbunt roos, 1 Frizzle Tolbunt roo, 4 smooth Tolbunt hens, 2 Frizzle Tolbunt hens, 1 Blue polish hen, 1 buff laced polish hen in the pen. Great fertility, ship well.

    Cream Legbar eggs- I have 2 different pens- one with a 2013 pair from Greenfire bloodline and one with an unrelated group from early 2012. $4 an egg - Great fertility, ship well. Can ship at least 12+

    If you want a mix of eggs, I will do that as well! ALL ISBAR and Cream Legbar eggs in a box for $100 (24 eggs+)
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