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May 10, 2019
St. Augustine, FL
I've always wanted chickens and this year we decided to take the chicken leap. My boo had chickens when he was younger, so he's been a good source of help. But I'm here because I could always use some more advice! We have 4 easter eggers and 2 brahma bantams (I think... they have fluffy feets). We also have 2 fluffy corgis! We live on an island in Florida -- and the county recently changed their codes to allow chickens (but no roos... we shall see what the EEs are going to become...).

We started the whole urban cultivation project with our garden. We've got a ton of garden boxes and irrigation system going. The chickens LOVE LOVE the fennel fronds (which I accidentally bought thinking it was dill). Everything is a constant experiment that we love seeing grow!

In the next few weeks, we are having our fence redone and will be making a larger enclosed chicken run. But right now I am enjoying those little peepers being in their coop in the yard! Finally out of the garage!!


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