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    This is our home, we flourish in the African Island that we have called home. Terror struck us, Other horses have inflicted wounds causing us too flee, swimming for our lives we have banded together in small groups of 8 or more, Some of us who are better at swimming have swam longer distances and some of us have swam shorter distances. We have no Idea what's going on with our other family, but we must establish some higher-archy if we are too make it throughout the year.
    "Will you help us get back together again?"
    • all BYC rules apply
    • no Cussing
    • No Copying the rp
    • Please respect my opinions and matters about this RP
    • Foals and mating- No Detail
    • Keep RP PG
    • May have only 2 Leader of the 4 islands
    • No start RP till i have accepted form, and we are all ready
    [​IMG] Paradise cove- Horses here are excellent swimmers and have adapted to its rich grass and vegetation… Though having to swim in different destinations from Paradise Cove has allowed us to never run out of food. We haven't many enemies..

    [​IMG]Tropical Island- We have a vast majority of food and land, we have a couple of enemies which include mountain lions and wolves, all of us have found out a way to beat our enemy's..
    [​IMG]Malroy Island- This Island is very dry, and we Horses have adapted too its hot climate.. water is amazing way to cool us off, we have no enemies and we are very good at raising young
    [​IMG]African Island- These horses are the horses that drove us out of our home!! Dark,vicious. Group, mean

    Lead Male- the Leader of the herd, has the respect of all groups, protects from enemies
    Lead female- She bares the young and directs where the herd goes and does
    Healer- 3 available per herd, they heal wounds
    Member's- unlimited
    Foals- Unlimited

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