Island of New Life~ An Animal RP

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    K, this is simply an RP about a farm. It's also about an Island. Let me tell you the story.

    You were once on a huge farm, with any farm animal imaginable. It was pretty much a profit farm. You were mistreated, all of you, no matter what species. Now, you can have a new life. The Skinned Ones that mistreated and killed you're kind, disappeared one day, and new ones came. Suddenly, before you knew what was happening, you were sent away in a huge metal fish. The metal fish stopped on an Island, where all the crates were opened, and many animals ran out onto the uninhabited Island. Now, it is called the Island of New Life by all animals. This is a story of hardship, pain, love, betrayal, and much more. Now, YOU get to be one of the animals on the Island, and live out their lives.

    Faction: (Described below)
    Picture: (Optional)


    Poultry (Chickens, turkeys, includes Barn Owls only, no snowy or greathorns, ducks, etc.) have 5 factions:
    Lead Male/Female (1 per species {example lead Turkey (Borbourn red), Chicken {Silkie}}
    Breeder (Nothing graphic, please)
    Warriors (Usually males)
    Villagers (Pretty much anonymous)

    Hoofed animals (cows, llamas, horses, goats, sheep, etc.) have 4 factions:
    Lead Male/Female

    Dogs have 6 Factions
    Alpha Male/Female
    Breeders (Again, nothing graphic)
    Female Brooders (Caretakers, or babysitters.)

    Small Mammals (rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc.) have 3 Factions
    Messengers (Between species. Most species have one or two around.)

    If you are a youngling, then just say Young in the Factions. YouÂ’ll decide what to be later on.

    Name: Seenore
    Species: Turkey (Broad-Breasted Bronze)
    Age: 6
    Gender: M
    Personality: A rough and tuff male that will fight any intruder, even dogs.
    Faction: Lead Male
    Description: Large, with shiny bronze feathers and large greenish feathers. He also has large spurs.
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    Aug 28, 2010
    P.A/M.D border, USA
    Name: Almera
    Species: Dog, Breed- Australian Sheperd.
    Age: 2
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Soft, sweet kind and willing, she always wants to help others.
    Description: A soft blue merle coloring mixes with her caramel- white coloring creating a beautiful mix. She is relatively small and very agile.
    Faction: (Described below) Dog, Breeder.

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