ISO- Ameraucanas WA


Sep 11, 2019
ISO blue or splash ameraucana pullets. We have way too many black ones so we are looking to offset that a bit. We are looking for about 2-3. Age doesn't matter too much for us as long as they are guaranteed pullets (We've had way more than our fair share or cockerel chicks lol). Please let me know your prices. We are located in Yelm and it would be great if you could deliver but if not that's fine too.

Not looking for "Americanas" or hatchery stock. We breed our birds to be show quality so we would like these pullets to be the same. I know you can't usually tell when they are younger but as long as their lineage is show or at least decent standard then thats good.

I know what I am asking for so I am willing to pay the price for some great birds! Please pm with pictures of them and their parents. I'd like to get them as soon as possible and not wait until the spring to get them. I'd also be willing to give some of their future chicks for a cheaper price. Thank you so much!

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