ISO Bantam Polish


Dec 30, 2020
Western WA
I'm on the hunt for BANTAM chickens! Parent stock that meet the ABA standard of perfection a plus, but by no means a requirement.

  • Polish chickens with LACED feathering. I'm preferential to silver-laced, but I'll consider anything as long as it's laced. And tiny.
  • Buff Orpingtons.

Or if you know of a breeder or hatchery offering these bantams, please let me know!
UPDATE: I've got my buff orpington, so I'm just looking for polish bantams now.

In fact, I want every kind of Polish bantam now. 😤

(For anybody else looking to build a tiny rainbow Polish flock, there are bantam buff laced polish eggs and chicks available here: )

Most major hatcheries have the WC black variety, of course...

But as for every other color, if you've got bantam Polish, please hit me up!
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