ISO Breeders - local or ship


8 Years
Jun 6, 2013
I've moved and had to sell my flock, but want to restart my breeding programs this summer/fall. So I will be looking to purchase eggs/chicks/birds in late summer or early fall. I would love to take your info and get in touch with you in a couple months!

I'm in Montana, willing to travel a couple hours for the right birds. I'm also open to shipping in eggs or young birds. Genetic quality and breed conformity are things I'm looking for.

I'm looking for purebred Ameraucanas, open to a variety of colors but looking for purebred strictly.
Blue copper and black copper marans, great egg color and good conformity.
Turkens with strong healthy genes, preferably black feathered.
Dark cornish (not cornishX's!) or other "beefy" meat stock breed, open to uncommon breeds.

If you breed any of these please drop me a message, I'd love to work out some bird business with you this summer!

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