ISO - Ducks for sale


Jun 8, 2015
Hi there ,
Looking to buy some duckies . Hubby said I could add a few more to our flock this year haha! I’m specifically wanting to add one of all of these breeds

call ducks
Anacona Babies

Always been in love with all three!! Currently residing in Indiana. Shipping isn’t a big issue with me, but if the distance isn’t that far I’d be willing to drive for some as well. Would prefer eggs or hatchlings. If you or anyone you know has some please let me know! If you know of any breeders selling that’d be fantastic as well!
I am the new owner of some of Nyla's muscovys. You will love them!
I have a post in the duck forum: My new Muscovy ducklings.
Stop by and see them. :love

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