ISO female duck in Colorado


Jun 13, 2019
Parker, Colorado

Chips is doing well - started on two meds (antibiotic and anti-inflammatory). The vet said she hopes we will see improvement within a couple days. Due to meds, no eating her eggs or her (was not an option for us anyway since pets).

Anyway, if anyone here is in CO (w/i an hour or so of Parker), due to the scare with Chips (and knowing she still may not make it if there is any fungal infection) we want to add another female. This way if something happens to one of the girls, the other is not left alone.

I've seen a few ducks on Craigs List but thought I'd check here as well - the CO specific site on BYC doesn't seem to get much traffic...

I'm thinking we'll add before the weather turns to winter for good (cold/snowy here today but should be back to normal by Saturday), so we can separate them in the run until they seem to get along.

Thanks in advance,


Aug 7, 2015
Peyton, CO
Yeah, there are a few of us on the CO thread but I think we've all been super busy over the summer. I know I haven't been on BYC much again until recently.

I've got two female WH that I hatched in late May. I've been going back and forth on if I want to keep or sell but recently decided to sell. I'm in Peyton but planed on driving into Falcon on Saturday to pick up alfalfa.

If you're interested in more info, send me a PM.
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