ISO Houdans, Alabama


5 Years
Oct 1, 2018
Shelby County, AL
Looking for houdan chicks in and around Alabama. I am in Shelby County, AL and would be willing to drive up to 5 hrs to pick them up. Ideally I'm looking for 20-30 straight run, but will take less, and wouldn't mind picking up from multiple sources for genetic diversity.
Did you ever hear from anyone about these? My favorite breed, I'd love to see some nice ones. Contemplating having to recreate them with proper type using hatchery stock is a little overwhelming!
No I haven't. I've even looked on FB and MeWe, no luck so far. I added Faverolles to my search on the other platforms, thought I found some of them, but it ended up falling through... I knew what I was getting into going for rare breeds though, so I'm just going to keep looking. I did find some royal palm turkeys though!

And speaking of hatcheries. My stepdad took it upon himself to search for the houdans when I was talking about not finding any, and of course he sees the hatchery and showed them to me... I had to explain to him that these giant hatcheries are not concerned with production or SOP when they are dealing with as many breeds as they do. They are more concerned with spitting out as many as they possibly can. They may not be bad birds necessarily, but they aren't what I want and they are not what the breed is supposed to be. Especially when those hatcheries list them as ornamental birds, and their original purpose was as production birds.

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