ISO Lavender Silkie Hatching Eggs, Chicks


Aug 1, 2015
Located in MI but more than happy to have them shipped. Shipped chicks would also be fine so long as seller has shipping experience.

If anyone knows of any breeders please give me their contact info!
Hi, hope you are enjoying BYC! :frow

I've been looking for Lavender or Cuckoo Silkies for quite some time now... to no avail. :hmm

I have found twice a Lav cockerel... but when it came time, they never called me back. I found one (maybe in Florida for like $80) and the pics looked good but that was too hard for me to spend on an unknown at that time, for something that still won't give me result for a couple generations. Kinda wish I had saved the number now!

Anyways if I come across anything I will try and let you know. Hope you will do the same! :highfive:

Can you imagine... LAVENDER Silkies!! :wee

I'm even considering ways to breed Lav or Cuckoo (for sex linked qualities) into the Silkies... but got more genetic fundamentals to learn. :pop

I have advertised in my local Craigslist (and the surrounding areas)... and will try again. I KNOW they've got to be out there somewhere! :fl

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