ISO LF Cochin Breeders in the Pacific Norhtwest


7 Years
Jan 13, 2013
Eastern Washington
Cochins have quickly become the family's favorite breed, and we're looking to expand our flock with breeder quality non-hatchery stock.

We live in Eastern Washington, so I'm looking for breeders of large fowl Cochins in blue, buff, partridge, and silver laced varieties. My preference are pullets and cockerels less than a year old but up to 2 years, and I'd like to get at least three of each variety ( 2 hens and a roo). I can travel to pick up.

Any input on who might be a good breeder to contact would be greatly appreciated. I've looked into the Cochin International and the Pacific Northwest Poultry Association, but the majority I've found in the area seem to mostly have bantams.

Thanks for your time!

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