ISO: many breeds, items to trade. Cloth diapering, training, wool, collectables.


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I hope I am doing this right? I have some things for trade. I have a wish list of hatching egg breeds Id love to get. I can only do even trades. I don't have much to spend right now.
I really hope I did this right! Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!

I'm not good at keeping up with these fast moving threads, please pm me if that's allowed.

I have tons of 100% positive feedback on under sarahannecloud9 as well as ebay under mybuddycreations. I havn't used ebay in some time though.
Here is what I have available:

All discriptions and trade value are listed. Shipping not included. Many prices are negotiable. I just want to get some nice breeds. :)
do understand shipping per dozen runs around $15 with costs. ;)

Cloth diapering items, cloth trainers, and wool shorties, soakers, and longies. and for sale/diapering items/?start=all

Jackets galore, new jeans, gymmies, nice boys jammies, collectables, all sorts of stuff! The pics without discriptions, I havn't checked sizes and such yet. Some of the items may have been donated and I have to check. If you see something without the discription, please feel free to ask! and for sale/?start=all

Not in album:


Artist Elke Hutchens
Jimmy - 10" tall
A first edition porcelain collector doll by award winning doll artist Elke Hutchens
Hand tailored engineer's outfit
Exclusively from Danbury Mint
Porcelain - 1990
Pictured "Modern Collectors Dolls" 6th ed. Pg. 40
He goes for around $125 with his box and original train. I don't have those, but moma never displayed him and kept him in a box. He's in amazeing condition, no dust, ect..

Snug As A Bug In A Rug Doll. Designed by Artist Thomas Tomeseu. This doll is part of The Barely Yours Collection of All Porcelin Dolls. She was born in 1994. The doll was issued by The Ashton Drake Galleries. Doll has the original box and original papers and even the little hand tag. He is part of a Limited Edition collection. He is in Mint Condition and is 16 Inches Tall. He weights 2 pounds 9 ounces. I took a close up pic of the bug on the blankie to show the issue and the bug on the cloth diaper. I guess they didn't glue the eyes on the bug well. Walmart sells them for like .99 cents though. Update-I bought the eyes for the lost ones and will replace!

Both bought at a craft convension
1. "Love makes the medicine go down." 1996. Porceline figurine. $10
2. Hand crafted? Pixie, Mesh wings, glitter detail, tiney stones. She is just lovely!! $5

-Hasbro family game night with Mr. PotatoHead hosting. 7 games on 1 disk, (Played mabye twice) like new-$15 ($39 new)

-Ace combat assault horizon, like new (played once)-$15 ($30 new)

All games in like new condition with 0 surface scuffs or marks.

I don't have to have show quality. These are tech my 7yo's chickens, I'm the caretaken. :) We both want some fun breeds and a rainbow of egg colors!
Not looking for bantam size, just standard. Or something fun.
Looking for:
Frizzle in standard size
Cochins in anything but black
Speckled sussex
Buff orpington
Laced/penciled wyandottes
Salmon faverolles
Cuckoo Maran
Copper Maran
I may have overlooked an aswome breed so just hit me whith what ya have, lol. I'm happy to research any breed.

And it's a huge gamble, but some duck or guinea eggs would be so awsome!


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Sep 13, 2012
Hi! I have Ameraucanas & marans laying right now :) I have black/blue copper, and lavender Ameraucanas. (One black hen run with the lavs) I'm in northeastern PA, which may be too far from you, not sure. PM me if you're interested :) I'll give you my number & pics.
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