ISO under a week old pullet chicks

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    Jan 17, 2014
    Looking for a couple 1-3 day old female chicks to add to the current 3 day olds I have under a momma hen. I have waaaaay too many roosters and am trying to take advantage of my hen and get some more females in the flock. I love my roosters 'cause my chickens are my pets, so I'm not culling them unless they start attacking me. Which they most likely won't because they're total sweethearts. So. Gonna get some girly babies instead to try to get the flock straight.
    I'm located in northeastern NC but travel to VA Beach, Raleigh NC, and Greensboro NC regularly. I visit my college friends, and very often 'cause I love them like family, so that's why.
    Can't really afford shipping for chicks right now though. It tends to run more than $50 for chicks and shipping, and I was lucky to even get my boyfriend to let me have $30 for extra fuzzballs. Lol, lucky that he's a sucker for cute tiny baby animals.
    I'm okay with any breed, as long as they're females. And I'll consider ages other than under a week, but I want them to be as close in age as possible because sometimes when I have chicks with different age ranges, older chicks will harass younger chicks and result in younger chicks not getting all the sleep they need. I seriously can't do any more roosters though and I love my babies too much to part with any of them or send them to the slaughterhouse. So I can't stress that I can't do straight run, I need sexed pullets lol.

    PM me with the breeds of your chicks, number of chicks you have available, prices, date of hatch, and pictures if you can. And of course, your location.
    Thanks so much. :)

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