ISO/wanted show quality Cochins, Silkies & Bantam Polish.


12 Years
Feb 12, 2007
Wenatchee, Washington
I'm looking either for day old chicks to be shipped, or hatching eggs from Washington State. I am in Wenatchee, and will consider traveling an hour away. I would prefer to purchase from somewhere close, as I don't want the eggs to have a long transit time. I am OK with purchasing quality day old chicks from other states.
I am interested in getting bantam Cochins from show quality stock in calico/ mille fleur, self blue, and all colors of Mottled, I might be swayed by some more rare colors also. Can be frizzle variety too.
I would like painted, splash, or blue bearded silkies from show quality stock.
I am also searching for bantam polish. I prefer frizzle, and am open to different colors.
Please let me know what you have coming available now, or within the next two months. Also if you could refer me to someone that might have these, that would be great too.
Thank you very much for your time, I appreciate it!

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