Isolde's second clutch, HATCHED!--Update pg. 2


9 Years
Mar 23, 2010
After her bad luck with the first clutch of eggs, we did not expect the eggs she stole from our other duck to hatch. Surprise! We went out this morning, and we've got babies! She's got one out on the top of the nest with her, but the other one or two out so far she's still covering, so it's hard to see how many are there. Husband thinks two more so far.

I am guessing since her clutch did not hatch, that these must be Pekin/Swede mixes. What should we do with her and the babies? Should we keep her in her pen for a while, when should we allow them access to the duck yard? Anything special we need to put in there for them? Never had babies anywhere but my brooder, so I am new at this! Thanks for the help!

Anyway, here's some pics!! Will update with more when she lets us see the rest!

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I keep moms with babies in their own area. You never know how a drake will react or what the other hens will do.
She's being so protective of them, and the one little guy that's out, is cuddling with her, and snuggling, and I just can't bring myself to split them up!! Besides, we still have 4 runner babies in the brooder! lol We could switch them out, but she's worked so hard to be a mom, that if they're ok out there, I think I'd like to leave them with her. Just want to make sure I know how to keep them safe...
Thanks Wifezilla! Should I eventually fence off an area of the yard for them? How long are they ok in the pen? It's L shaped, but is about 15-20 sq. ft. total. I have the other ducks in the new dog run, so it's just her and the babies.
Well, I see at least 4 babies under her! Wow! And now, my Pekin is broody and on a nest.
Two breeds people said don't often go broody, and they both go maternal on me!

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