Issue #2: Skin peeling in Barred Rock X?

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    And in pen #2 (my isolation pen) I have the five ladies I rescued from a guy who was just going to feed them till their food ran out and then let them freeze to death. Mind you, these girls were in good flesh when I got them, and seemed to be suffering only from a hard molt (as in 'ready for the pot'). Their old run was large and their coop seemed clean and well made. They have been eating and drinking normally. Their weights have remained steady, most of their feathers have grown back but on their 'still naked' areas they have developed a waxy, peeling 'yuck'. It's dry to the touch, and flakes away pretty easily, so I'd just been keeping an eye on it, but today the smallest and meekest of the BRXes was sitting hunched and fluffed and shivering. I picked her up and examined her. Her feathers are growing in, she's not wheezing, her eyes look good, no discharge from any of the areas you'd expect discharge, but she did seem to be a bit 'light' compared to her weight when I got her. She didn't seem to have any sort of abdomen mass (like an impacted egg) and her crop felt 'good' too.

    Droppings look good. They're eating like champs, but I haven't gotten an egg out of that pen for 3 days, I was getting 2-3.
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    I would make sure they are getting a higher protein grower feed to help recover from molt and definitely not layer which is way too high in calcium for birds not in production and can cause renal disease.

    Putting her in a warmer place or with a heat lamp may help.

    I think I might treat the skin condition if only with aloe or an A+D ointment.

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