Issues moving Broody and her eggs

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    Jun 12, 2017
    Hi BYC, We're having to move our Broody Light Sussex and her eggs due to a serious red mite infestation in the main coop- (the eggs are about 13 days in so she's been sitting for a while) Attempted to move her at dusk- which went awfully, didn't recognise the eggs and began to peck them! Placed her back into the original spot and she settled immediately. She's a first time mum and we now have very few ideas on how to successfully move her- any suggestions?
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    I moved 72 in 2015 and about 80 more the 2 years before that---But I never had a problem, never had one to reject the move. To start with I have her in a movable nest, if I have to set it up the day before. Then in the Cover of darkness----Completely dark I pick the whole nest up and move them with No Flash Light to the new place. If its to dark to see I flash a light on for 1/2 a second to get my bearings---again in a little for 1/2 a second if I need to----Not staying on.(look for buggers and snakes on your path before you start to move her---lol) Where she is moving is already set-up, food and water. I set her in place---back out quietly---no light, no talking, QUIETLY. The next Morning I watch from a distance---I do not want her to see me---as day is breaking I see them looking around----They see their food and water Over there(never next to the hen) and seems they smile----kinda Like they are Thinking---I Like This Place----so far so good with over 150 moved hens.

    If you go in there with a light, pick her up and then the eggs---she is going to get VERY Upset---then you take her to a new spot---now she is "madder than a Wet Setting hen" hang around a while, getting her feed and water set-up----You Got a Problem.

    Do it in the Dark---quietly---set-up already.

    If you got to change her bedding you need to do that and dust her and the new nest a day before you attempt to move her. First Dark and quietly!!
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    Mar 8, 2016
    Great advice. Our Sussex is looking in a bad way, she is on day 8 but sitting in the corner of the main coop. The others are keeping her off the food and eating everything we put in front of her.
    We need to move her and her eggs into a separate apex. She is pale and weak but steadfast.
    I guess just wish us luck.
    Thanks again for the advice.

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