It’s me, Megan! I’m new!


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Dec 16, 2019
Good morning!
I’m new to the chicken forum, but have had chickens on and off for 20 yrs!

We converted an old wooden play scape this spring, into a coop and run. After our birds were 17 weeks we finally put them out in the coop.

My flock to date(my birds are dying off, reasoning to joining the community):
3 barred rock- Blue, Delta, Echo
1 RIR- Linda
1 Americauna- Charlotte
1 Lavender Orp- Sassy
1- Wh Silkie- Sugar
1- Silkie/frizzle Sussex cross- Chico
1- Sovart Hona- Karen(he’s a roo)

I’m here just to learn more! Every time I google a chicken question, this forum pops up. So after 9 months I’m finally joining! (My last white hen passed last night, she is pictured)

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