It happens to EVERYONE even if you are royalty....

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    Prince Charles in a flap over
    his chickens

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    His eggs-cellency: Prince Charles

    His eggs-cellency: Prince Charles

    The Prince of Wales has never made a secret of his support for hunting with hounds, but he has been given an added personal incentive to reinforce his view that Mr Fox is vermin.

    For much to the distress of Prince Charles — who is said to enjoy being served a variety of different boiled eggs every morning for breakfast — foxes have penetrated the intricate security surrounding the chicken coops at his Gloucestershire estate, Highgrove.

    On at least two occasions in recent weeks, I learn staff looking after the birds have been horrified to discover wholesale slaughter has occurred in broad daylight, with up to 40 of the estate’s pedigree chickens destroyed.

    So many fowl have been killed that there has been a dramatic shortage of Highgrove’s sought-after bespoke eggs.

    Customers at Charles’s quaintly named Veg Shed — a barn in Tetbury which sells organic produce — have frequently been informed of late: ‘Sorry, there aren’t any today.’ Says one shopper: ‘I was told the foxes had got in twice, and that the Prince had installed an electric fence after the first time — but the foxes somehow managed to get through it.’

    Confirms a royal aide: ‘Around 40 chickens out of a flock of 190 have been killed. They are in their roosts at night, but the fox or foxes got in during the day.
    It has been difficult keeping the foxes at bay, as the hens roam through a large orchard.’

    Mercifully, however, Charles’s elaborate hen house for his very own special fowl has not been broken into so far.

    Amusingly nicknamed Cluckingham Palace, the 17ft building — modelled on a Saxon steeple — accommodates a range of different hens, which lay eggs for the Prince’s breakfast table.

    These hens are considered the creme de la creme — varieties include Light Sussex and Welsummer.

    Adds Charles’s spokeswoman: ‘We keep moving the electric fence to give the hens new grass, but the foxes are very cunning.’

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    Apr 15, 2009
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    Isn't he special, Light Sussex and Welsummers! [​IMG] Sorry, but British royalty, and Prince Charles in particular, makes me want to puke. Guess what Charlesy? Your chickens are no better than mine, and your eggs aren't either! [​IMG]
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    Sounds like he needs a couple LGD. [​IMG]
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    Quote:I agree!! I don't have fox but I DO have coyotes.........since I built my LGD herd I haven't lost any of my flock to those rascally coyotes!!!
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    Quote:Not a very nice attitude.
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    Quote:Yeah bad attitude. His chickens are from very old bloodlines and are actually very very nice I hear. This article isn't written by Prince Charles and none of his opinions or quotes are even in there. I am just glad to know that poultry is so popular in the UK.

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    I was just thinking how neat it was that even a Prince thinks breeds we all enjoy, like Welsumers and Sussex, are special. And that it was really cool that he likes having different eggs from different breeds like I do. Guess it all depends on how you see things.
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    Whats an LGD herd?[​IMG]
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    Quote:Livestock Guardian Dog, although I think if you have a bunch, it would be a pack, not a herd [​IMG]
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