"it" hatches next week!!!!!

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    Apr 28, 2011
    Ok, so about a little under a month ago I bought 6 khaki campbell duck eggs off ebay, all of these stinker went rotten!!!! I found out last night that the four I did have were all rotten except one, that one has really good veins going so I kept it! "it" gos in lockdown on saterday, and should hatch next tuesday!!! I cant wait for this baby! The only problem is, the youngest ducks I have are 4 weeks old!!! I dont have any younger ones!!! And I will be leaving for my uncles house the next week, and this guy will be sent off to my moms friends house!!!!! I want to take this baby with me soooooo bad but I dont think my mom will let me? Cross your fingers she does!

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    Sep 6, 2011
    I would get at least one other duckling to live with it, it will be very lonely if it hatches.

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