It looks like yolk coming from her bottom...


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My leghorn has not laid an egg for months now. She's 3 years old. I had trouble with her laying very thin and translucent eggs before and have posted that problem. She actually laid what seemed to be "shellless" eggs in the nest box a few times.

Yesterday, it looked like she squirted yolk from that bottom.

She looks uncomfortable and her comb is sometimes dark on the tips but still keeps on eating and doing her thing, in a subdued manner for her. Any thoughts on this? The local vet does not do chickens for whatever reason so I am on my own.

All other hens are fine...


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Maybe she's been eggbound. I've had a hen be eggbound and they've "squirted" the yolk form their vent.
Is her abdomen hard? Is she having trouble breathing?
Also, our vet does not treat chickens either.
Wish he would...

PS - welcome to BYC!!
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