It stopped eating drinks lots of water


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Mar 24, 2018
It stopped eating drinks alot of water stomach seems all empty seen some slimy watery clear vomit like thing don't know what's wrong with it..
Any help will be great


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How old is It? How long has this been going on? What has this chicken been given to eat?

In the absence of any more information, I'll take a guess and say it's probably impacted crop. Coconut oil given into the beak and then massaged down will help break up any impaction. If It is a chick, give a teaspoon of oil. If It is a grown chicken give two teaspoons.

I wrote an article about crop disorders but forgot to post the link. Here it is.
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The crop looks quite distended in one picture. I would agree with trying to learn more about crop problems, such as impacted, sour, or pendulous crop by Googling that phrase. The earlier it is treated the better, and a vet visit may be best.

When the crop is not working, they can starve to death. Crop problems may happen on their own from eating foods and grasses that get stuck, from repeated over eating and stretching of the crop, and from having another illness causing a crop slowdown. Treatments can include removal of contents by forcing vomiting, giving water orally or by a crop tube, antifungal medicines, and limiting foods.
Thanks for the feed it's a 3 to 4 month old has been acting like this since two days..
On routine it's given chicken feed crumbles ... ocassional treats given recently rice,, bread,,home weat chapati.. I'll try the coconut oil today and then take to vet by tomorrow...
Azygous, that is a good article I had not seen before. Vomiting a hen is very dangerous, and many experienced chicken owners have reported at least one death from choking when they have attempted it. but I have a hen who continued to get worse, whose crop just would not empty with antifungals and other treatments, such as tube feeding water, and I eventually had to attempt it. She is still alive after 6 or 7 weeks, but has never been cured. Her crop went from puffy with no odor to the sour odor, and a week later, really rotten-smelling. Some crop problems just do not seem to get better, or it comes back. it is very hard to treat because of all the various possible causes and underlying problems.
Me again... I have checked for two days now the Corp is all empty not fluffy not hard just empty gave it coconut oil twice but still it won't eat anything just goes for water... there is no smell in mouth either

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