It Was The Silkie!

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    Mar 21, 2012
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    Last Sunday we got our first egg and I started this thread seeking input regarding which of my four laid the first egg:

    As of today, I have gotten 5 eggs from the egg layer, and I was positive that egg layer was my Salmon Favorelles, even though the eggs were very small, even for first eggs, and seemed perfectly Silkie-sized. As a recap, I have four chickens, all of which were 24 weeks old last Monday: 1 Silkie, 1 Salmon Favorelles, 1 Buff Orpington and 1 EE. In the span of merely a couple of days before the fist egg, the Salmon Favorelles comb doubled in size and turned very red. A day after the first egg appeared, my Silkie did the first discernible and definite squat for me and hasn't really stopped squatting since. However, never in my wildest dreams did I think my Silkie would be the first layer!

    Today I went to let my girls out of their coop and run for a little free-ranging time and I didn't see the Silkie, so I opened the nesting box and sure enough, she was in the very nesting box where each egg has been laid. I closed it and waited for a few minutes, until she emerged to join the other three. I opened the nesting box and there it was! A very warm egg! I can't believe my SILKIE beat the other three girls! I was sure she wouldn't start laying for months, perhaps not until next spring.

    Hopefully Persephone the Salmon Favorelles won't be far behind. Weeks ago, my money was on Peep, the Buff Orpington to lay the first egg. How very wrong I was!

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