It worked!!! 3 eggs today!!!!!

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    May 14, 2010
    I re-arranged 6 hens 2 weeks ago.They were semi-free range and penned and different age large breeds.After several dog attacks,fireworks,neighbors and the extra cold plus almost a foot of snow,I got 3 eggs today from them.I added a light,24/7.I cleaned and put down fresh hay.I bought a bag of layer pellets to add to the corn and greens I've been feeding.Some are first layers and some were laying before all the drama.It was 15 degrees last night.I told those girls how proud I was.LOL.I've got some more and the room to fix 6 more up with the same.Now I'm wondering if it will work for the turkeys?I love eggs!And the birds that make them.[​IMG]
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