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    I have 7 poults approx 6 weeks old. Two days ago i noticed one of them peaking at its own feet and scratching his head and being louder than usual. Thinking it might be a mite, i have sprayed that one pout with a solution i got from the vets. The next day that pout was fine, but then another started, so i did the same, but to all 7 poults. Today there are 3 poults all being very noisy and doing the same behaviour the first 2 poults are now fine. I don't believe that this is serious but has anyone got any advise? TIA
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    If its mites or lice you need to not only treat them but clean and disinfect their entire area and put in new bedding with DE (food grade) sprinkled or mixed in I would also dust the poults good with it you can also use sevin dust otherwise the mites or lice are still in their area and they will keep getting back on the poults
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    If you can stand to have them inside for awhile give them a bath just keep them warm and the water away from their heads. My hen gets a bath once a month maybe once every two months but she hasn't had any problems yet

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