It's a boy!


The Chicken Whisperer
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13 Years
May 11, 2010
A gelding that is:

Ace's Rainmaker

Just brought him home today and he is woefully out of shape. He settled right in. Normally I don't leave a halter on a horse but if he slips over the electric fence I want something on him. (It's a breakaway halter) I think he's going to be a joy to work with. He's from Colorado and is very easy to get along with. I took him for a walk along the fence line, and while he was alarmed at the round bales, he didn't go into a panic. He wasn't even bothered by the current equine resident running around the next pasture. I think I'll call him Little Man.

Ok, not a palomino, but the next best thing - a buckskin! Congrats, he's a handsome guy!

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