IT's a Filly! new pics Talk about cuteness overload!

old mill poultry

10 Years
Mar 10, 2009
My mare had her first baby this morning a bay dun filly. I will post pics tonight as soon as sprint downloads them to my email. We were a little surprised. We did not know when our stallion covered her vet was saying may but surprise she came the first day of spring.
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I promise pics will be up tonight. Photobucket takes forever to load and they are jsut pics from my camera phone. My mare is a paint and dad is a red dun foundation quarterhorse.
Here she is one hour old.


More pics coming tonight when my dh gets home when he can load them.
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Isn't it unreal how such a fragile looking critter gain its legs and grow so fast that it runs like the wind in no time at all. (kinda like a chick!) Thank you for showing pictures, beautiful momma too!

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