It's a girl!!!


6 Years
Jun 23, 2015
Silly thing but yesterday i figured out my goose is a girl! She disappeared and i found her sitting on a two of her eggs, smack next to the dog house (we think she feels safe there since the dogs are used to her and vice versa).

This past weekend it was great because she let me into the little pool I have for her, and she started swimming around my legs, and cuddling me for pretty much the first time (See my other thread "My Goose Hates Me Now"), and i thought - WOW - what's up with that.

I didnt expect her to start laying eggs until the spring and sure enough, she started laying them right after we started playing in the water together. I guess Suwannee wasnt doing it for her! She's an egg laying machine now and i've found another when i let her out of her cage today.

Anyway I thought i'd share. I'm a proud Mother Goose today. its been a good goose week :)
Congrats! Is she your only goose?
No! She was bought as a replacement for Suwanees partner, who passed away about a year and a half ago. Suwanee was so sad when his partner died all he did was stare at his reflection for six months. We got a new hatchling in May and just hoped it would be a girl! SUCCESS!!!
Be sure to make sure she has calcium available. I know young hens are prone to over-laying and can have complications/soft shell eggs if they lay too much.

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