It's about time my woman person figured out I'm a ROO! A note from BIG Al~

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    Mar 21, 2012
    Hi- I'm BIG Al, formerly known as Alice- how humiliating is that! At 2 weeks my woman person posted a pic and thread here asking if I could be a rooster. As if that peck on the hand and Mick Jagger impersonation wasn't enough. Here's what looked like then~
    Other chickens people mentioned my pronounced comb (thanks for noticing) and my potential waddles. I didn't have a clue what those were but now that they have appeared I bet they will be a booger when I start to shave. I was the last to feather out as well, but thankfully I'm not bald. I'm now almost 4 weeks old and my roo-ness is coming along nicely- well except I squawked like a girl when I was the last to get back in the house after a morning in the yard. I missed my ladies, what can I say. For those of you wondering if your BO are pullets or have manly roo-ness like myself, check out the pic of me an Pruda- one of my lovely blonde ladies (she's a BO too). In the pic you can really see a difference. Oh and thanks to those who helped my woman person get a clue.
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    Mar 9, 2012
    North, ga
    Big al is adorable!

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