It's acutely not a chicken question this time!!!!!I bet your shocked

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  2. Four in the first one and six in the other one ....I have Six and they all fit good inside an extra large dog house... :)..........Once sleeping they do not wander around....

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    Sep 25, 2015
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    Here's what David Holderread has to say about floor space in Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks:

    Our duck house is 4' by 8' but I'm counting only 7' out of the 8' for the interior because of the nesting boxes. So the duck house has approximately 28 square feet. I'm in the process of adding two adult Golden Cascades to our flock which will increase our flock to 7 medium-weight ducks, which works out to 4 square feet per duck. I could probably add up to two more ducks, so it would then be 3.11 square feet per duck, but it just seems like it would be awfully crowded in there at that point.

    Also, I would not go with the Petsfit one. The description says that the roof can't be opened, so you'd have to clean through that tiny little door. The New Age brand one looks a lot easier to clean IMO.

    Congrats on getting ducks, btw! :thumbsup

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