It's back

DK newbie

6 Years
Apr 20, 2015
Strange how addicted you can get to a bloody forum :p Think I've been checking it nearly every day for about a year now.. But you do pick up a lot of random knowledge about quail like that. Wish there were more forums as 'chill' yet active as this one. I'm on a finch forum and a budgie forum as well and on there people mainly tend to tell posters they are irresponsible and should get their bird to the vet asap. On here, you actually get useful tips :) Love BYC!:love

Dani xxx

Oct 23, 2016
Farnham common bucks uk
I have learnt so much from everyone on here ! X I was a guest for a few months before I actually joined reading everything quail related before I got my monsters and I got well and truly hooked ! X :)

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