Its been awhile


12 Years
Jan 17, 2008
Since I've been on this forum again.
I bet you all thought I was gone for good!


Its been sososo busy around my house. The coop that was built over the summer is officially finished, except for the back needs 2 windows put in and the end closest to the house needs egg boxes because the hens are coming of age.

ALSO I've been so busy pen building, and getting ready for archery season here. Went out on Saturday evening, could've got a doe, but it was a yearling and she was so small, not worth it.
I've also been getting ready to head up to NY to go salmon fishing, very excited about that. It is so much fun.

How many of you are archery hunting this year? Any luck yet?

My peacocks are all outside now, been out for awhile. They're getting to be a good size and their colors are coming in.
I now officially have 2 gobblers. My cross just started gobbling the other day and he is now strutting. I found his little beard coming in.

My favorite turkey hen Tommy had been gone for awhile. I was sure she was dead, knew she was nesting but couldn't find her... figured she was down back near the woods and the coyotes have been howling back there lately.
Went outside this morning and heard baby turkeys... knew it couldn't be the wild turks, they're done with babies until spring, so I knew it was Tommy. Ran out back and there she was with 9, yes 9, little poults scurrying around her feet.
Its been cold lately so I went in the barn and set up a nest of hay and sawdust for her, opened the door and enticed her in with corn. She found the nest and layed down while all 9 of the babies snuggled under her.

I've also been having ducklings hatching left and right. A couple died because I wanted to leave them with their mommas, but that didn't work very well. All my brooders were up in storage on top of our garage until next spring. The latest one that hatched I brought in. I had to go pull out a bunch of stuff for him and now he is nice and warm snuggled up with his stuffed fish buddy downstairs.

I've also been very sick lately. I've been fighting a cold for 2 weeks now. It went away for about 3 days and then something else hit last night and now I feel terrible.

I just thought I'd pop in to say hi to my chicken buddies.

I'll be on more now.

Birch Run Farm

Biddy up!
11 Years
Sep 5, 2008
I hunt but deer are scarce where I currently live so I go to western NY to deer hunt. My are got 12 feet of snow last winter so wild animals probably do not do well here.

I see one doe periodically but she never has any fawns.


11 Years
Mar 31, 2008
I saw a 4 or 6 point buck dead along the highway that I travel daily. There are too many deer/car collisions in our area. this past weekend, a student at this school hit a doe while he was driving 60mph on his 4-wheeler!! The student "only" received road rash and some bruising. very lucky.
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