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    Jan 31, 2015
    I'm having my cousin come tomorrow to help build a coop. I'm wanting a simple, effective coop that will ideally be large enough to hold up to 8 chickens (have 5 currently, want a little room to expand in the future). What would you guys recommend as far as size and a material list (sizes for plywood/other wood would be awesome!), also any design input you guys have is welcomed too. Im thinking to have the actual coop raised off the ground and the area under the coop be part of the run as well. How far off he ground should the coop be off the ground? Any other suggestions and advice please don't hesitate! Thanks so much!
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    I have a long list of recommendations, but in all honesty most of the info I have gotten is from reading threads on this site. scroll this forum and read and read and I can almost guarantee you will have all your answers, and more ideas!
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    ^^ this ^^

    click that 'coop' button above, pick out the size, I'd suggest 'medium' and start scrolling and looking. You'll get way more suggestions and 'want to's" from that then we'd have time to write out for you.

    good luck and post pics!

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