It's driving me CRAZIER!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by NancyinAlaska, Jan 25, 2010.

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    I filled my new forced air Hove-Bator with 42 eggs on Jan 4th., kept the temp at 99.5-100, and humidity at 70%. After my try at candling, 6 were infertile, the rest looked good, a few questionable. I really had NO CLUE what I was looking at.[​IMG], and kept my nose open just in case. This morning I had 2 eggs that had started, by 11, I had one chick hatched. The other one that had started still hasn't hatched, I can see the beak through through the hole. Maybe 5 have a little of the shell cracked, I know, don't open the lid, gosh it's hard not to. Hopefully when I get up in the morning I'll have a few more, I'm not going to open the hood until Wed, they'll be ok inside till then. The one that still hasn't hatched makes me want to get in there and help........................I KNOW BETTER. Anyway.....this is my trial run, to see how the incubator works, humidity, temps, and all. Next time will be sex-linked chicks, these are all mutts that will be spoiled rotten, it's been -10 to-20 at night, so the brooder's in the cabin, and peep-peep-peep- will be my lullaby for at least the next 6 weeks. ONLY 3 MORE MONTHS OF WINTER..........................OH MY
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    Good. Don't open the bator.

    In my hovabator, I've found great success keeping the humidity at 35% for days 1-18 and then at 65% during lockdown.

    Good luck.
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    Isn't it awesome! I spend wayyyy too much time wringing my hands (it keeps them off the lid [​IMG] ) I have blrw's pipping!
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    Good luck Nancy .
    I have a son in Fairbanks so I check the temps there daily ; must be very difficult and expencive to keep chickens up there .

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