It's gone all gone !!! **PICS**


12 Years
Nov 20, 2007
Glendale, AZ
I could not stand it any longer it was getting to long and hard to handle - took to long to wash blow dry brush - got tired of laying on it at night - giving me a headache it was time to go ---

so here is the before


here I am 13 inches lighter !!


the hair did not hit the floor of the salon instead it is going to the Locks-of Love- foundation so it can be made into a wig for someone going through cancer treatments. I try to do this every year but this is the longest I have waited to go.

I feel better now

I had a dream last night that I cut off my 2 feet of hair. I couldn't do it in real life though...I'd feel naked.
It looks lighter and healthier...looks good!

Edited to add: Good for you for donating your hair. Great thing to do!!!
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Oh Wow, it looks so thick and bouncy. I bet it looks great. I think it is so wonderful you donated it to Locks of Love, my 7 year old dd did that last year. What a great program!
I commend you for donating it. That's wonderful. Mine reaches about halfway down my back and I will never cut it again. It used to reach to the back of my knees when my (soon to be) ex-husband decided to forbid me to cut it. Never ever forbid me to do anything. I cut it to the back of my neck and now I wish I hadn't. It just doesn't seem to grow as fast as it did when I was younger.
I like your new haircut.

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