...it's gone too far...


11 Years
May 23, 2008
Lake County, Florida
I very seldom remember my dreams but the other night I had a dream that made me wake up laughing at myself.

I dreamed that we were in a car driving down the road and I was peeling a hard boiled egg. All of a sudden, inside the egg was a fully formed chick pipping, except it was totally dry and fluffy. SO cute. (can you tell I've never hatched chicks? I know they don't hatch like that!)

I have seriously gone 'round the bend. And when I finished laughing at myself, I really wanted to go boil some eggs!


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11 Years
Mar 25, 2008
My DH didn't know what to think of my bator at first, but when I reassured him that I would be only keeping a few chicks that I hatched and selling most of them, his worries were eased. That is until he came home and saw the bator loaded with 40 eggs for the first time!
Then he flipped! I then had to explain that not all 40 would hatch and that I had to put that many in at one time so I could get a decent hatch rate.
Once again, the worries were eased. I'll cross my fingers for you that you can get a bator! If the bator doesn't work out, get yourself a Silkie hen. Then you can blame it on her!

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