It's gonna be a long summer. *Rant about my jerky uncle*

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    My uncle is staying with us for the whole summer. This particular uncle and I have never gotten along. I can remember blowing up at him when I was all of six because he wouldn't take me seriously.
    About a half hour ago, he poked his head into my room where I was putting the finishing touches on my speech, and said, "Excuse me, do you mind? The kitchen is full of flies and the living room is a filthy mess."
    Really? There were 10 dirty dishes on the counter, and like 3 things in the living room. The horror of it all. I saw a grand total of two flies in the kitchen. TWO. Oh, and the little brothers who had made the 'filthy mess' in the living room were outside building a tent with him and my stepdad.
    On day five of his visit, he told my sister and I that we're about as efficent and industrious as 7-year-olds. I have now heard everything. I was called lazy by a college dropout who lived with his parents until 3 weeks ago and can't keep a job. [​IMG]
    Yesterday, my baby sister was playing with ancient shoebrushes, reenacting scenes from Tangled. I was busy at the time, and when I went into the living room, Mazie was standing in the corner sobbing her eyes out, telling me how "Unca Deff took it, wanna BACK!" I asked him what happened.
    "Your sister was playing with POISON, missie!"
    Because we all know I'M the grownup in charge. (Mom was gone at the time.)
    "Well, did you explain that to her?"
    "Cough-cough. Yes! I told her that they would make her sick, and-"
    "She doesn't know the words poison or sick. She knows 'buggies' and 'ouch' and 'yucky'. Next time-"
    "NEXT TIME *losing patience* try that." I then left to console the still sobbing baby.

    Mom and I had a talk, and she told me that he seems to only have a problem with me, for whatever reason. I know the reason.
    Everybody else in the house just says, "Uh-huh, okay." I REFUSE to be walked over. I was here first, dangnabit! I tell him what he's doing wrong, ('wrong' meaning that that isn't the way things are done here) and how to change it. He just can't stand being told he's wrong! [​IMG]
    Oh, and here's some pictures of the filthy mess.


    I can't wait for September.
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    Good for you, no one should ever walk on some else. I am the same way i speak my mind and if they don't like it then thats there problem not mine. I would do the same thing if it was my home. He is just visiting and he should respect your home and rules. I mean he maybe leaving in September but you will still be living there so he should respect you and your family and the way you do things. If I was your mom I would of told him that while I am glad that he came to visit that if he is going to be staying there for a long while then he needs to do things the way you guys have been doing them and he needs to respect everyone. He should of tried to tell to the baby why she could not have what ever he took away and tried to find something better for her to use instead. Well good luck with your summer hope it gets better. I am here if you just want to chat.
    Jessi:fl [​IMG]
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    From reading you post, you sound like a very mature and responsible child. I do hope that your parents will inform your uncle that he is a guest in your home and not allow him to overrun the place. [​IMG]

    PS. Clean that filthy living room child! I couldn't resist my child. That living room is not filthy nor even close to being dirty. I think he is just finding reasons to act out towards you.
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    Jessi: Thank you. [​IMG] I'll keep you in mind.

    Elite Silkies: I know, right?! It's such a saftey hazard, it's a miracle we're all still alive. [​IMG]
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    Oh I know! I don't even see how you walk through all that mess [​IMG] Be strong until he leaves and hopefully things will smooth over for you. I would probably try and avoid him as much as possible.
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    Sounds like the boss I had up until yesterday afternoon [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Mar 19, 2009
    Next time he gets on you about flies, mess, dirty dishes, etc. just smile at him very sweetly and suggest that if it bothers him to take care of it himself because you are busy. Then do what you can to avoid him as much as possible. Don't let him get a rise out of you. Just walk away.
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    What do your parents say about this situation?
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    It is *not* his place to be making the rules in the house or seeing to your behaviour. Thats between you and your parents.
    ETA: He is *not* to open your bedroom door at any time.
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    Feed him to the chickens, like a stale brownie.

    Imp- [​IMG] is [​IMG] uncle better [​IMG] or [​IMG] . [​IMG] [​IMG]

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