It's gotten so bad that I'm DREAMING of my chickens laying eggs.

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Mexiontheloose, Oct 6, 2012.

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    I know that I'm not alone in this...come on people. Who else has ever dreamt of their girls laying eggs before they actually do? I feel like we raise them from day old chicks to full grown egg producing beauties...but during that time we not only feed them and care for them, but we worry about them as well.

    With my girls there was was the...."Are you a rooster??? Are you???" And now it's the when are you going to lay? You are giving me all the signs that you want to pop out your first egg, but it just isn't happening. This is so crazy that it's consuming my thoughts AND my dreams! :)

    So how many of you have had the same dreams, the dreams where you walk out and find not one egg but two or three! :) My girls need to start laying soon, that way my dreams can go back to normal things...ha ha ha :)
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    Yes when you are new to this its very exciting when we all cannot wait for their first eggs, learning their breeds and raising babies etc ! Its fun !
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    [​IMG] I dreamed I was being attacked by a 20 foot tall giant fire breathing rooster! Scary! [​IMG]
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