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    I'm new here and enjoying reading lots of the back/current messages. I'm in the middle of a *project* to expand my chicken space. We've had our chickens in a 4x12 enclosed coop with a deep litter system for the last few years. We haven't been able to let them out as our dogs have a huge prey drive. So, I'm building a *ahem* little chicken house which will allow us to free range the out in the pasture without dog access.

    Have any of you ever found that your projects evolve? This thing has taken on a life of its own! What was to be a fenced yard has become a full fledged chicken house with covered run. Its currently 8x40 and half is floored. Yikes!! It continues to evolve as I'm building it and I seem to have a big imagination. LOL. I'll post some pics when things get cleaned up a bit! Love my chickens!
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    So you got hooked BEFORE joining! You are in trouble now....

    Of course you do realize you have to tell us how many chickens, what breeds, post pics of them, etc., don't you?

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    Mar 23, 2009
    Mine has been evolving since the minute I put it up!!! I now am starting to expand even more to accomodate more chicks!!!

    I would love to see pics!!!
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    LOL I've been watching and reading these message boards for about 2 weeks now. Doing research so my wife's ideas can come to life. We get to have chickens! WOOHOO!!
    My plans have changed and expanded so many times I lost count. My coop isn't even started yet!! Can't wait to welcome our new feathered friends to their new home [​IMG]

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    Welcome to BYC. [​IMG]
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    Yikes! A feedstore, not too far away, had Cuckoo Marans, Welsummer's and Aracauna's--all at the same time! Now I HAVE to get the evolving coop finished![​IMG] 16 chicks inhabiting my tack/feed room, with 25 coming in a month.
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